BOOKS: February Wrap-up

February has been an eventful month. This month, I graduated, I had my recognition rights, and it was also my birth month. Needless to say, I was swamped with tasks and dinner invites. With that, I only read 3 books and I only liked 1 of them. I wrote reviews for these books and you can check them out if you want to read a longer version of my thoughts.  Continue reading “BOOKS: February Wrap-up”


Book Review: Salt to the Sea

Ruta Sepetys once again successfully shed light on tragedies during World War II that are not talked about when discussing World War II. Usually, when it comes to discussing the WWII, it is usually about Hitler’s regime against the power of Stalin but in Salt to the Sea, the reader is immersed in a story that is devastatingly beautiful and will leave you with a broken heart and an enlightened mind. Continue reading “Book Review: Salt to the Sea”