Film Review: Jackie (2016)

Jackie is a recount of the assassination of John F. Kennedy through the eyes of Jackie Kennedy (Natalie Portman). In this documentary-esque film helmed by Pablo Larraín showed Jackie Kennedy’s side of the story and how she coped with the infamous tragedy. Continue reading “Film Review: Jackie (2016)”


Film Review: Arrival (2016)

Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival has been getting praise and appreciation from critics and moviegoers alike. And this is not surprising at all. Denis Villeneuve has crafted a masterful work that breaks away from the typical formula of a sci-fi film: Extraterrestrial beings arrive on Earth, war ensues, explosions everywhere, and it usually ends with a hero saving the entire town. Arrival on the other hand, is nothing like this. This film is more than just your typical sci-fi blockbuster film. Arrival, at the end of the day, is just about the importance of communication and connection we have with one another. Continue reading “Film Review: Arrival (2016)”