Favorite Films of 2016

It is the year of 2017, January is almost over, and I still have not talked about my favorite films from 2016. Last year was a rough year: Unqualified people getting a place in politics, multiple of idols dying, and I can even say that 2016 was the year of disappointment for films. Expectations were raised, films were hyped but most of them did not meet these said expectations. Although 2016 was a bad year in general, there were still films that made that year bearable. I watched a total of 103 films (not all were released during 2016) and here are¬†my 6¬†favorite films of 2016. Continue reading “Favorite Films of 2016”


La La Land: Film Review

La La Land revolves around two dreamers: An aspiring actress, and a jazz musician who finds themselves struggling with their dreams in the city of dreams. A nod to the dreaming, suffering kids out there who want to pursue a professional career in the art world, La La Land taps into your heart, mind, and soul. Continue reading “La La Land: Film Review”