Film Review: The Circle (2017)

Starring Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, Karen Gillian, and John Boyega, The Circle is about privacy, transparency, ethics, and ultimately technology. Mae Holland (Watson), lands a job in one of the most prestigious companies and this shift causes her life to change in ways she never expected. We are now living in an information-age world where social media and technology run people’s lives. That’s why this story, … Continue reading Film Review: The Circle (2017)

Film Review: Get Out (2017)

Get Out follows Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose (Allison Williams) as they visit Rose’s family for Chris to finally meet Rose’s parents after 5 months of dating. The image of a welcoming and warm family slowly breaks as they spend more time in their family house. Continue reading “Film Review: Get Out (2017)”

Film Review: Baka Bukas (2016)

Just letting everyone know that this is not an addition to the recent discourse about the representation of LGBT+ community in Philippines’ mainstream media. For the next few minutes, I am going to talk about Baka Bukas as a film, not as a representation of LGBT+. Although I acknowledge that this film is a way to represent the LGBT+ community, I will not be saying anything about that. I believe that there are much more qualified and eloquent voices out there. This entire write-up will just be about the direction, writing, characterization, cinematography, and other cinematic elements, and not about the intersectionality of its representation nor the queer cinema of the Philippines. Continue reading “Film Review: Baka Bukas (2016)”