Film Review: Bagahe (2017)

After leaving and unwanted baggage in an airplane bathroom, Mercy (Angeli Bayani) now has to answer for her actions. Bagahe follows Mercy’s story as she slowly reveals her reasons for leaving her newborn baby behind. Watching Bagahe was like dragging an excessive baggage for almost two hours. This tackles an important issue in society but the execution is not captivating enough. It feels a bit … Continue reading Film Review: Bagahe (2017)

Film Review: Sa Gabing Nanahimik ang mga Kuliglig (2017)

Dolores (Mercedes Cabral) was killed on the night of the procession, and no crime in a small town goes unnoticed. The police, church, and townspeople are off to figure out who is involved and what really happened that night. Directed by Iar Lionel Arondaing, Sa Gabing Nanahimik ang mga Kuliglig deals with an unforgivable crime, and the an examination of forgiveness, faith, and repentance. It … Continue reading Film Review: Sa Gabing Nanahimik ang mga Kuliglig (2017)

Film Review: Baka Bukas (2016)

Just letting everyone know that this is not an addition to the recent discourse about the representation of LGBT+ community in Philippines’ mainstream media. For the next few minutes, I am going to talk about Baka Bukas as a film, not as a representation of LGBT+. Although I acknowledge that this film is a way to represent the LGBT+ community, I will not be saying anything about that. I believe that there are much more qualified and eloquent voices out there. This entire write-up will just be about the direction, writing, characterization, cinematography, and other cinematic elements, and not about the intersectionality of its representation nor the queer cinema of the Philippines. Continue reading “Film Review: Baka Bukas (2016)”