Film Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

DC finally found its footing with Wonder Woman. After many attempts of the DC Extended Universe to create a film that would appeal to critics and fans, they finally have it. Fear not, DCEU, Wonder Woman is here to save you all.

Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman tells the origin story of one of the most beloved superheroes, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). It shows Diana’s life from youth to her present life, and everything in between. Following Diana and her quest to defeat Ares, the God of War, Wonder Woman tackles family, friendship, war, and love. It is captivating, emotional, powerful, funny, and empowering. This is one superhero film no one should miss.

Wonder Woman is an incredible origin story. Of course, all the formula, tropes, characterization, romance, and the usual conflicts are present but the formula works. The hero archetype works and the execution is even better. The cinematography, music, editing, production and costume design, and acting are all brought together by Jenkins’ direction and she created one of the greatest superhero films of our time.

Starting from Diana’s early life, the Amazons of Themysciara are a huge part in her upbringing. As a child, she is surrounded by amazons and looking at the powerful women encouraged her to be one of them. Seeing them train and thinking, “I could do that too” is such an integral and powerful aspect of this film. Here we have little Diana looking up to the Amazons, and in cinemas we have little girls looking up to Diana.


Diana is emotional and feminine but is powerful at the same time. This shows the complexity of human beings that just because you show emotions or you have a lot of feelings, it does not automatically make you weak. In fact, it makes you stronger.

The No Man’s Land scene is so powerful and empowering. When she finally let her hair down, revealed her clothing, and walked up that ladder, that is a huge moment. Seeing a woman, lead a battalion of men, seeing a woman in front of the war, seeing a woman charge to the enemy’s territory, that is something that will forever be etched into my memory. That scene is so empowering because we have a woman, a woman in the lead, fighting the bad guys. She is fighting the bad guys, she is saving the world, she is a she.

Shouldering the iconic role of Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot. She perfectly captures the character of Diana. She is strong, enthusiastic, beautiful, and with a golden heart. Gadot carries this film and she did it perfectly. She is Wonder Woman. Alongside her are huge stars like Robin Wright, Chris Pine, David Thewlis, and Danny Huston.

Since this is a superhero film, action is one of the most important factors to look out for. Hollywood and most blockbuster films have a hard time showing action sequences. The sequences are either edited too fast or shot with a handheld cam. It is hard to watch an action scene if it continuously cuts to the next angle of if the camera is shaking is bad. And this is where Wonder Woman shines. Finally, there is a superhero film that knows how to shoot and edit an action sequence. The slow motion might not appeal to everyone but it works. It makes sure that the actions sequences are crystal clear. We are not left in the dark having a hard time following where their fists are landing. The action in this film is effective and will surely leave you at the edge of your seat.

In line with that, the cinematography is divine. The action scenes work because of the great cinematography and we have Matthew Jensen to thank for that. Every scene looks like a painting that has great composition and colors. There are a lot of moments when you just want to pause the film, screengrab the moment, print it, and hang it on a museum. Wonder Woman is not just good for the soul, it is also pleasing to the eyes.


One of the highlights of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is Wonder Woman’s entrance. Her entrance is accompanied by her character theme that will never be forgotten by moviegoers. And fortunately, they used that theme in this film as well. The music is perfect – they elevate the emotions in the scenes, they set the tone for everything, they add to the epicness of the film. Every action sequence is accompanied by an amazing score and in result, the action sequences are not just playing with your eyes, they are also playing with your ears. Every note holds all your senses and emotions and they made sure that they did not let go until the end of the film.

Some people said that this film is too cheesy. Sure, it can get a little cheesy at times but maybe, just maybe, cheesy is what we need. Maybe, in the time where people are divided by their views, where people resort to warfare, we just need to love one another. Love is a powerful thing and it can save us from destruction. Cheesy as it may be, this is the superhero film we need and deserve.


Wonder Woman has it all — A captivating story, charismatic leads, incredible cinematography, perfect music, and an empowering message. It is humane, emotional, powerful, and masterful.

There is a line in the film where a man said, “There is a woman in the room.” Yes, there is a woman in the room, her name is Diana Prince, and she just made history.


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