Book Review: The Alchemist

This story is about a shepherd who wants to travel the world and one day, he discovers that there is a treasure waiting for him. He then travelled from city to city in order to find the treasure. As he ventured on his journey, he learned lessons from people he never imagined he would form bonds with. Considered as a modern classic, The Alchemist, written by acclaimed writer Paulo Coehlo, is a profound and positive outlook on life and the journey to one’s destiny. 

The Alchemist is for anyone who is struggling in their lives and do not know which path to take. This novel can be seen as a self-help book because of how it was written. The words flowed through the pages like calm waves trying to soothe you. The lyricism of the words were so beautiful and breathtaking that each words felt like they deserve to be written on your skin. Words echoed loudly and powerfully. The filled each page with meaningful lessons that will hopefully stick with anyone who needs it.

Ultimately, The Alchemist is about finding one’s purpose and destiny in this world. The world is a machine composed of different parts and each living, breathing individual has a part in making this world a working machine. With this universal theme, readers will see themselves in the shoes of the main character. It is natural to think about one’s purpose or goal in this world. There will always come a time where an individual will ask, “Why am I here? What am I even doing here?” The Alchemist has universal and relatable themes that will hit close to home for readers who are lost and wandering.

Even though the novel clearly talks about God, Allah, religion, and the like, non-believers still can relate with the main character. This is still possible even if the reader does not follow or subscribe to a certain religion because like I said, it has universal themes. Everyone has their purpose and destiny to figure out and achieve. One’s destiny in life does not matter if they have a God or not. What matters is that they have purpose and a will to live it.

This is a fast-paced read in contrast to the long journey that the main character is taking. For a short and quick read, the words stay with you longer than you ever imagined. This is not just a short novel that everyone can fly through. You get so much more than that. You get a light read with heavy lessons that will fill your heart. This is easy to read but hard to let go.

The Alchemist is meditative and reflective. With its poetic writing style and profound lessons, The Alchemist is more than just a novel, it is a guide to living a meaningful and purposeful life.


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