Blogging to BookTube

I tried to do the whole BookTube thing. Spoiler alert: I failed. Miserably.

The stress is REAL, you guys.

Getting in front of the camera was no big deal. It was easy, to be honest. The aspect of this whole new platform is getting your ideas together. With blogging, you can just hit delete. It was that easy! But with speaking, my god it was so easy to get off the track.

I tried to do the BookTube Newbie Tag to get things going. This tag has 10 questions and I had a hard time doing it. I got through all of those 10 questions, though. The speaking and collecting your thoughts was the hard part. With writing, you have a structure, a beginning, middle, and end. I have something to guide me. Maybe I was just thrown off track because I did not have any structure before saying anything. There was no outline. It was just me, my thoughts, the questions, and the camera.

I wanted to shift platforms from WordPress to Youtube in terms of reviewing because sometimes I just do not have the effort nor the time to write reviews but it looks like I am staying. Having vlogged reviews seem easier and faster because you are just speaking and the words usually flow constantly and quickly. BookTube, at least for now, is not for me. Maybe I will try it again next time and I have a plan when I decide to do it again. And that plan is, HAVE A PLAN.


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