La La Land: Film Review

La La Land revolves around two dreamers: An aspiring actress, and a jazz musician who finds themselves struggling with their dreams in the city of dreams. A nod to the dreaming, suffering kids out there who want to pursue a professional career in the art world, La La Land taps into your heart, mind, and soul.

Damien Chazelle breathes life to cinema again with his newest masterpiece, La La Land. With the perfect combination of masterful execution and engaging story, this certainly is something that everyone should experience. Live inside the technicolor world of Chazelle and get ready to fall in love with it.

With its opening scene, its opening shot, its first note, La La Land grabbed the audience and refused to let them go throughout the entire film. The audience is whirled in the colorful and lively environment of this film and the ambiance stayed that way until the end.

Imagine yourself in the most magical and happiest place on Earth. No, it’s not Disneyland, it is the world that Damien Chazelle created in La La Land. The visuals are visually stunning. It is an art in itself. The gradient, the beautiful scenic shots, the framing, everything is masterfully created. This world that revolves around art is art. Other than the cinematography, the editing is also top notch. The marriage between the smooth editing/transition and amazing production is evident and effective in this film. The images flow so smoothly that it will just leave everyone at awe and marvel at the beauty of this picture. The repetitive use of long takes is also impressive. It is well executed and undeniably works during dance numbers. This technique fully captured the beauty of the fluidity and the sense of being alive, of the magic of the performances. It produces an uninterrupted flow and it works perfectly because the audience should never be interrupted while viewing something like La La Land.


The film is not the only one that is getting all the awards buzz but also the actors themselves. During the 74th Golden Globe Awards, both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling won best actress and best actor respectively. And truly, they are both deserving to win. They make every scene alive with their humane and raw performances. They perfectly capture their characters’ emotions, thoughts, conflicts. Stone showed the struggle of every actor that could not get a call back. She plays a character that represents so many artists in the industry who think they are mediocre, and she does this in the most excellent way possible. She neither over performed nor underperformed. She gave a brilliant performance for this brilliant, wonderful, multi-layered character.

Additionally, Gosling is at par with his leading lady. This man is constantly proving himself that he can act well, and in this film, he showed that he can act, dance, and sing. The ever charming Ryan Gosling swept everyone of their feet and unfailingly got the hearts of the audience. Playing a soft yet intensely passionate musician, Gosling showed that he is not only a charming leading man but an actor to watch out for.

This is a dream-like film about dreams and dreamers, and this gives spotlight to the struggle of artists and their journey to stardom. The vibrant colors, the grandiose sets and props, reflect the grand lives of stars that the characters dream of. This film, through its characters and songs beautifully showed what it feels like to be a struggling artist. The feeling of not being good enough or not having a stable job are such beautiful, realistic, and humanistic conflicts for such humane and realistic characters.

Needless to say, La La Land is a masterful work. Damien Chazelle proves, once again, that when he is at the helm, the images come alive to tell a captivating story that will stay with the audience up until the end credits. Believe in the hype – La La Land is one of the greatest films of 2016.

To the dreamers, the artists, this one’s for you.

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