Three things to learn from Disney’s Zootopia


When newly recruit officer Judy Hopps (Ginny Goodwin) teams up with sly Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) to crack a case, the two form an unexpected bond while solving the case that was handed to Judy.

It’s time to address the elephant in the room – Zootopia is a great film. It is witty, entertaining, and provocative. Like all other Disney films, Zootopia’s narrative is fun-filled and at the same time, with heart and brain. With Disney’s newest offering, eyes were opened, ideas were planted, and issues were discussed. Here are the top three things that Zootopia showcased.

1. Discrimination


So much of the praise that Zootopia got came from the social commentaries in this film. Racism and discrimination were tackled and the way the film built it up was done beautifully. The citizens of this world is divided into two groups: Preys and Predators, and this film showed how they could achieve harmony while living in the same environment. However, when conflict arises, the two groups are further divided due to prejudice against the predators.

It sent out the message that just because they belong in a certain race, it automatically means that they fall into this type of stereotype that may or may not be true. Judging someone based on their kind is dangerous, naive, and does not help anyone at all. It’s true that there are different kinds of individuals that you will encounter in your life and there will surely be differences along the way but never be afraid to embrace those differences and look at the bigger picture: that everyone can live in harmony despite all their differences if only people acknowledge that everyone is different in their own way AND that a stereotype does not encapsulate the whole essence of an individual nor their race. Zootopia showed the consequences of discrimination and prejudice in the simplest way but it was still extraordinary on its own.

2. Dreams


“Anyone can be anything.”

Optimistic, hardworking, dreamer Judy Hopps always wanted to be a cop. Unfortunately, this dream of hers does not follow the usual lifestyle of her species. The usual life of her kind is planting and selling crops. Bunnies usually live a normal, happy-go-lucky life but Judy is having none of this. Despite having everyone around her telling her that she will never be a true cop, she never stopped reaching for that dream and the beautiful part is, she got there.

Officer Judy Hopps definitely teaches everyone that it is alright to go out of the norm. She defied those norms and she chose her own path rather than going down the road that she doesn’t see herself in. Also, another lesson for little kids out there: Just because you’re tiny, it doesn’t mean you can’t handle big dreams.

3. Duos


Who says two people who grew up in a completely different manner can’t be friends? At first, Judy and Nick are always arguing, quarrel here, quarrel there. But after a while, a beautiful and solid friendship  blossomed. It’s a beautiful way to present that two creatures from different groups CAN be friends. That it is possible for them to work together and even be their friend for life. This shows that friendship truly has no boundaries and this would be possible. It just takes for everyone to accept fully accept each other and start putting aside the labels and boundaries that do not help them at all. Who knows, maybe the person you hate and annoys you the most may become your best friend.

Zootopia is another hurrah for Disney. It was critically and commercially acclaimed – as it should be. Funny, inspirational, and eye-opening, this film definitely did not disappoint.


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