“What did we do wrong?” Jenny’s Wedding: Film Review



Title: Jenny’s Wedding
Directed by: Mary Agnes Donoghue
Genre: Romance, Drama
Starring: Katherine Heigl, Tom Wilkinson, Linda Emond, Alexis Bledel, Grace Gummer
Rating: PG13
Runtime: 1h 35min




Jenny’s Wedding revolves around Jenny telling her family that she’s gay. Not all families can accept this fact right off the bat and Jenny’s family is definitely one of them. Growing up queer is not as easy as it sounds because some people of the LGBT++ community doesn’t have a very open family about this part of their lives. Jenny did have a hard time telling people that she is still the Jenny that they know and nothing has changed. It did take take for her parents to accept her and that is the focus of the film: how coming out to one’s family can change not only how a person can perceive their lives but also how it affects those people around yob4e27e60-025c-0133-4583-0a2ca390b447u.

Jenny (Katherine Heigl) is every parents’ dream come true: beautiful, responsible, smart, and successful. Well, except for the fact that she is gay and her parents seem to have a problem with this. It seems like her parents, Eddie (Tom Wilkinson) and Rose (Linda Emond) hasn’t accepted that not everyone in this world is heterosexual. And this is where the problem arises. No, this film is not about lesbian love. No, we barely see Jenny and Kitty (Alexis Bledel) together but that is not the main point of the story. The story is about how family works and acceptance.

Wilkinson and Emond portrayed the struggling (and even unlikable characters because they continue to oppose Jenny and her life) very well and very convincing. Rose’s development on this matter was so beautiful because she started as the one thinking that her daughter is not normal but then she dropped the line, “Since when did you two become an expert and what is right and normal?” And Eddie’s speech about Jenny being his daughter and that he loves her very much was really moving. It wouldn’t have been moving, I think, if not for Wilkinson and Emond. So hats off to them.

Heigl did a good job in this department as well. The emotions were real and easy to see and it’s not hard to sympathize with the main character and be upset with how people are treating her just because she’s gay. She’s really transparent in all of her emotions and it is really easy to see if she’s sad or happy.

Jenny’s sister, Anne (Grace Gummer), however, felt a little bit out of place. Her whole “I’m an outsider” storyline felt so Extra and forced. The film could have went on without adding that storyline. It bothered me for just a second tho because the focus went back on how Jenny’s parents are having a hard time embracing her life.

Moving on, the actors aren’t the only ones who made this film possible. Hats off to the soundtrack as well. The music that were used were amazing and reflected the theme of the film and even the emotions of the characters. And that is a bonus point.

But anyway, yes this film is predictable in any angle you look at it. But it is real. Some people live like this. Some people are not accepted by their families and even their whole neighbourhood. Jenny’s relationship with Kitty is not relevant in this film as much as people wanted it to but it’s not about them at all. It’s about family dynamics and that love wins.



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