The Last Five Years


Title: The Last Five Years
Director: Richard LaGravenese
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance/Musical
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Jeremy Jordan


The Last Five Years is a movie adaptation of a musical under the same title that revolves around a couple and the struggles they are facing and how it affects them individually and as a married couple.

No one is talking about this film so I watched this without any expectation and any idea as to what this is about. I decided to watch this because I am a fan of Anna Kendrick (and have been for years now) and surprisingly, I enjoyed this film a lot. It made me laugh, cry, and swoon in just a short period of time and that is a wonderful experience. For me, anyway.

last_five_years_2This film never failed to entertain and there was never a silent/boring moment ever since the film opened with Cathy Hiatt (Anna Kendrick) singing a sad and heartbreaking song entitled “I’m Still Hurting.” She did a very good job, not just in the opening scene but during the whole film. Her performance was so transparent and raw that it is easy to see Cathy’s emotions all over the place.  Her portrayal of Cathy, an aspiring yet failing actress is one of the best performances I’ve seen of hers.


Her male counterpart, Jeremy Jordan was also phenomenal in this film. He had charisma and talent and he was not overshadowed by Kendrick at all. Kendrick and him had chemistry and whenever the two are on screen, they balance each other out.

Jamie Wellerstein (Jeremy Jordan), is a young writer climbing his way to the top of the food chain and doing very well, if I may add. It seems like he has it all: A job he is passionate about and a girl whom he loves very deeply. So what went wrong?

This film shows how the two fell in love and how they fell apart, but it’s not that simple. The story is told in a dual point of view: Cathy’s and Jamie’s. Cathy is telling the story backwards – starting from when they broke up while Jamie on the other hand, is telling the story forwards – starting from their first meeting, when they were still happy. Now, this is a very interesting take on the plot because the viewers can see what happened, how it happened, and how the both characters are feeling. Since the film is constructed this way, the order of the scenes are a little bit all over the place. This is my main problem in the film. The idea that it is told in a nonlinear perspective is great but the execution wasn’t seamless. It was just a little hard to fully grasp the emotions of the characters and the scene if in one minute Cathy is crying and the second she’s smiling again because of the whole time jumps thing. The experience would have been better if the transition from one song to another is smooth. Other than the messy transitions, the film was still enjoyable and definitely worth seeing. The songs and lyrics were really powerful and entertaining and thanks to the actors’ terrific performance, every single scene captured my heart.


The film wasn’t perfect, of course but it was still great and entertaining. It’s a 3.5/5 for me.


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