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Basics of Cinema Starter Pack Challenge

  I haven’t written for a very long time and honestly, I feel bad. I miss watching and writing about films afterwards. I have been watching a ton of great films lately and it would be a waste if I just end the experience right after the end credits. So, I’ve decided to do the Basics of Cinema Starter Pack Challenge. No one asked me to … Continue reading Basics of Cinema Starter Pack Challenge

Book Review: Shadow and Bone

2 orphans. 2 worlds. 1 magical society. 1 country.

Alina Starkov is just a typical girl – not so special, has a crush on her best friend, and low maintenance. All her life, she lived a normal life far from the extravagant life of the Grisha, the magical elite lead by the Darkling. When Alina entered the Fold, a dangerous area surrounded by pure darkness and monsters, she discovers something about her that will turn her world upside down. The life she knew will be replaced with lavish clothes, vibrant palace, and a mysterious, seductive boy who will tear Alina’s heart – and their country – into two.   Continue reading “Book Review: Shadow and Bone”

Film Review: 2 Cool 2 Be 4Gotten (2016)

Felix Salonga (Khalil Ramos) is an outsider in his own school. In his eyes, no one is worth befriending, no one is interesting enough to pay attention to. But this changed when the Snyder brothers, Magnus (Ethan Salvador) and Maxim (Jameson Blake) transferred to their school. The two troublemakers form a relationship with Felix and things started to change. 2 Cool is a mixture of … Continue reading Film Review: 2 Cool 2 Be 4Gotten (2016)

Book Review: The Female of the Species

Anna Craft was killed in the woods. “Killed” is an understatement – she was mutilated, her body parts were scattered, and the man responsible for her death was never put behind bars. Her sister, Alex, was devastated and brokenhearted. She was left in darkness so darkness she became.

The Female of the Species follows 3 characters: Peekay – the preacher’s kid, Jack – a famous boy but with brains and heart, and the main character, Alex – the odd one out. Set in a realistic time where rape culture is prevalent, this novel is impactful, relevant, and hard-hitting. Continue reading “Book Review: The Female of the Species”

Book Review: The Alchemist

This story is about a shepherd who wants to travel the world and one day, he discovers that there is a treasure waiting for him. He then travelled from city to city in order to find the treasure. As he ventured on his journey, he learned lessons from people he never imagined he would form bonds with. Considered as a modern classic, The Alchemist, written by acclaimed writer Paulo Coehlo, is a profound and positive outlook on life and the journey to one’s destiny.  Continue reading “Book Review: The Alchemist”

Film Review: Baka Bukas (2016)

Just letting everyone know that this is not an addition to the recent discourse about the representation of LGBT+ community in Philippines’ mainstream media. For the next few minutes, I am going to talk about Baka Bukas as a film, not as a representation of LGBT+. Although I acknowledge that this film is a way to represent the LGBT+ community, I will not be saying anything about that. I believe that there are much more qualified and eloquent voices out there. This entire write-up will just be about the direction, writing, characterization, cinematography, and other cinematic elements, and not about the intersectionality of its representation nor the queer cinema of the Philippines. Continue reading “Film Review: Baka Bukas (2016)”